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SEO and Social Marketing Services

SEO and Social Marketing Services

We provide services starting with our BASIC Search Engine Optimization (SEO)  plan which is an overall SEO  review of your site through  a full service SEO and Social Marketing Service where we do all the work and you just reap the results.

BASIC SEO PLAN: This plan we offer as an introduction to our services so you can see some results fairly quickly and also know what the good and bad points (related to SEO) are about your site. We hope that once you see the results from this minimal plan you will consider us for your future full service work. This plan is just a one time fee of $29.95 and can be purchases using any credit or debit card or your bank account via PayPal.

  • Complete analysis of your main page along with recommendations of what will improve it for Google specifically.
  • A look at your other pages and a very brief analysis of my findings on the first 5 pages of your site and recommendations for their improvement.
  • This is actually a general lesson in the SEO basics you can use for every site you ever put up that gives you in depth incites into what always works and what usually backfires on you.
  • Techniques that always work and put your web page it the best possible light. These techniques work all the time no matter what changes in the Search Engines algorithm. You may ask why? The answer is because my methods are not trying to “FOOL”  the search engines into thinking that a website is better then it really is and that it is selling what its advertising.

Please include your sties URL and your phone number in the note portion of the PayPal Payment form.

SEO BASICS for $29.95

Social Marketing  Basics

What this package includes:

  • Setup of Facebook Page
  • Setup of Twitter Account
  • Setup of LinkedIn Account
  • Setup of YouTube Account
  • Setup of 1 of the below listed Social Networks


  • Setup of WordPress Content Management (Blog)
  • Setup of WordPress
  • Setup of WordPress compatible Forum Software for greater Customer Interaction.
  • Setup of Newsletter Subscription and emailing add on for WordPress
  • Setup of Search Engine add on for WordPress
  • 3 months of Postings and Management of each of these social networks. This would be no more than 3 postings a week.
  • 2 hours per month Telephone support a week for 3 months.
  • Help with teaching you to post to and use these networks.

This is 3 months of work only. This package is provided to get things set up for you, help you out with it for three months and then you take over and do it yourself.

If you decide later to go with the Ultimate plan I will credit you 1/2 of the cost of this package towards the initial cost of that project

Please include your sties URL and your phone number in the note portion of the PayPal Payment form.



This package takes your work out of the equation (well most of it anyway). This includes:

  • Everything included in SEO Basics described above
  • Everything in Social Marketing Basics Above
  • SEO for your site and all your pages
  • Well will also post all your articles for you (you write them we post them)
  • We will email you with questions from the forums and customer leads on a daily basis. You can have us handle doing the answers or you can do it yourself. Whatever makes the most sense.
  • Overtime we will not only have each of your pages tuned to the SEO standard of the day but also work on adding content when we feel it is needed to help the sites rankings.
  • We do the modifications to the pages so you don’t have to.
  • We will get a linking program up and running that WILL NOT hurt you with the search engines but WILL help get your site established as an “Expert Site” in the eyes of Google and the rest of the search engines.
  • We will handle your monthly newsletter and of course email you with any questions or replies from the lead list the newsletter goes to.
  • If your business carries a wide brand range we will also set up a product review section so you can tell us what product to review this month and what you would like said about it.
  • When you leave the writing to us or allow us to slightly modify your articles and reviews we can fine tune them for the search engines without making them sound like an advertisement.
  • We will set up Local Searches for you.
  • We will get you involved in groups (like on facebook and internet forums) where we will post for you so your name stays out there.

There is a lot more we do with the ultimate plan. Depending upon the size of your website and the number of posts and or reviews you want to do a week will have a lot to do with the price.

To get started the basic rate is $995.00 to start and then $250.00 a month for the work. The monthly fees are billed quarterly in advance. one month after the initial fee is paid. You can cancel at any time if you are unhappy for any reason. This fee covers 90% of all the sites I have seen however if your site is extremely large and you do multiple daily postings then we may have to adjust the costs accordingly.

Presently I am looking for some reference accounts to highlight our results on and would offer a 50% discount for the first year to be able to use your site as one of these reference accounts. This would of course be agreed upon after I took a look at your site and we both agreed that it would be of benefit to us both to use your site for one of these reference accounts.

If you are interested in being a reference account or would like a somewhat different level of service than you see in these plans please email me at dively.joe@gmail.com and put Reference Account or Different Service as your subject. Please include your phone number and your sites URL in the email.

To get started you can purchase with PayPal. Please include your sties URL and your phone number in the note portion of the PayPal Payment form.

Social Media and SEO Ultimate Package $995.00

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