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Online Yard Sales and Tag Sales

Online Yard Sale and Tag Sales pages are important. We all know that we need to not only have a website but we also need to utilize social Online Yard Salenetwork marketing to help create our online buzz. Just having a Face Book page isn’t enough, but how can we use our Face Book page to give us its maximum advantage.

I will give you a good example to start. Here in the Northeast we are getting slammed with cold weather. So if we sold firewood, we would want to get the word out fast. Especially if there was a storm on the way. On Face Book this is EASY! Just use Face Book Groups.

Just go to your groups, these are usually about half way down your main page on the left. Click on GROUPS, then again on the left of End of the world online saleyour groups page look under groups on the left side bar and choose “Find New Groups”.¬† Now it is easy, look at all the categories and friends groups and suggested groups you can even type “online yard sale¬† groups” a lot of postings will come up. Just follow the posts back to the group and request to be added to as many as you want.

You can do the same thing into a regular search engine. A lots of sites for yard and tag sales are opening up every day.Online Garage Sale

This doesn’t mean you don’t need to do regular face book posts or craiglist listings or forget about ebay and amazon auctions. This just allows you get even more views.

So now if you sell firewood and the weatherman says … “BIG STORM COMING IN”, You can go to your groups and post “FIREWOOD FOR SALE CHEAP!” and watch the orders roll in. You’ll be burning up their messaging system. :)

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